We are being tested every day

On certain issues, politically and socially, we may be called upon to make a distinct and clear moral and biblical (spiritually) stand on the most controversial issues of the 21st century.

We, as Christians and as Americans, must stand for truth and morality. When a political or judicial ruling is decided not upon the merits of the law or the Constitution, or decided by which way the wind blows, we must all stand steadfast and not back down from what we truly feel and believe.

Political correctness must end.

Our conscience and biblical faith must not waver or be shaken. We must keep our focus on our deeply-rooted beliefs and values. In 2015, we are experiencing each and every day the testing of our faith and morals by political activists posing as Supreme Court justices and by the government led by Barack Hussein Obama, who is intent on destroying America from within.

It is all testing our faith and beliefs in issues we know and believe to be morally and spiritually wrong.

Same-sex marriage is wrong and will forever be wrong. America is no longer the nation I once knew and loved. Welcome to the United States of Sodomy and Sexual Deviation.

Michael John Kelly