Make America great … again?

A demonstrably ‘great’ slogan – cover me bumpers, it has a definite ring to it.

While it may ‘ring true,’ the implication falls well short of that mark.

America’s greatness emerged from a “melting pot” infused with an amalgam of mettle, ideas and ideals held sacred by men and women of many cultures and experiences.

To deny her greatness insults the citizens who constitute our nation and her potential.

While they take a free breath, America shall be great – though there might be much she has yet to accomplish would she measure up to the ideals that inspired her founding.

Those who counsel suspicion of immigrants, fear of refugees, intolerance of one religion or another, isolation from the world community or torture and war as a way forward speak to baser interests and not to America’s ideals.

We are America’s greatness – at our finest moments when we fear not and act selflessly to protect and advance all our citizens and the least among us. When we speak the truth; when we are fair to all concerned; when we act to build goodwill and friendships to benefit all concerned we are the best Americans we might be.

The candidates of today may never have served in her Armed Forces. Our fathers did.

We pay those Americans homage as the greatest generation even as we leave it to others to serve in their place because we might have ‘other things to do’ or can afford a college education without need of a G.I. Bill and demand our country do more for us.

Beware the politician that implies America has foundered, is lost and has surrendered her greatness. Recall, rather, the president who warned we need fear most – “fear itself.”

Reflect first upon our history, the course thus far and all it has brought the world and us as we strive to implement the ideals and hopes of our founders that all men (and, as we have amended, women) are created equal with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – regardless (as we have amended) race, religion, sex, and national origin.

America is the one nation on earth established upon the principle that she will treat all her citizens equally and fairly and protect the minorities and the least of her citizens with the same vigor accorded those most fortunate of her people.

Who says America isn’t great?

Charles Senf