In whom do we trust?

In God we trust? I think not.

We’ve come a long way from the old days when government and its institutions openly admitted that we needed God in our affairs for this nation to function properly.

Now our government ignores the name of Jesus and are openly hostile toward Him. You might get away with mentioning the word “god” and arrested for saying the name of Jesus. Why is that so? because everyone has a god, even the most wicked and vile person, but it’s not Jesus and the God of the Bible who created the world.

Read John 10:30. Symbols that remind us of Jesus are being outlawed in public places. Our teachers and military chaplains are told not to say His name.

It’s not unusual for a nation to ignore God of the Bible. The history of nations is a story of unbelief. Like today in America, when a nation prospers the people ignore God and, when it falls on bad times the people return to God. The downfall of our nation will, and I think already has occurred when we removed God from our thinking.

God’s going to have the last word on America. He will destroy us if we continue on our present path. Some of our founding fathers believed this country could not be governed without Jesus — that is to say, the God of the Bible.

But there is one way out of this mess, if God’s children will only be obedient.

I said God’s children … not the pagans. Read 2 Chronicles 7:14.

Carl A. Hinson