Too much political party hyperbole

As a former Democrat and also a former Republican, I have grown to enjoy the letters from stanch supporters of both parties with their outlandish hyperbole.

The stanch supporter appears to go far beyond the facts or truth of their preferred party with their embellishment. The stanch supporter will embellish the little positive or negative facts without looking at the underlining data to understand why the fact that they are embellishing is positive or negative.

In the last few years one party has far exceeded the other with its embellishment of the positive and negative. The party has also added name calling to their agenda. When folks do not agree with their point of view they become targets for bullying by the far left extremists. The same party has adopted the point of view that it is my way or the highway.

Over the last 24 years we have seen vast changes in the political system within the United States. These changes have not been good for the average citizen. Rather than getting good, factual information from our politicians we have been relegated to the 140-character snippet. Many of our citizens take these snippets as pure fact. The snippets have been manipulated and distorted to the point that the truth is no longer visible or available within the snippet.

An example is the snippets on the current unemployment numbers. What is causing our unemployment to be 4.7 percent? The underlying cause is a reduction of the number of people working and looking for work. Over the last eight years the number working and searching for work has been reduced by more than 20 million people. This reduction in people working and looking for work has forced the labor participation rate down to a level not seen since 1977 during the Carter Administration.

The stanch supporter will tout this 4.7-percent unemployment rate without understanding that the percentage of people working and looking for work is at a 39-year low!

We deserve better from our politicians. We also deserve better from our constitutionally supported free press. We must hold both accountable for their snippets and reporting.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount