Put some thought behind your vote

After two weeks of national conventions that touted two extremely flawed individuals as presidential candidates, followed by a federal appeals court overturning North Carolina’s voter ID law, we have been inundated with politics almost like never before.

It’s only going to get worse.

But fellow Bladen County residents, we have just as much to focus on locally, where important races loom for seats on the county commissioners and county school board. It is these people who determine our local taxes, what streets will be paved, what businesses will be allowed to open and where they can locate, what schools will remain open and/or get repairs, how many teachers will be hired, etc. In short, how YOUR money will be used.

It’s a time when careful consideration should be given to how your vote will be cast.

I won’t begin to tell you how to do that. Nor will I try to tell you which candidate is best for all of Bladen County. But it won’t take much thought to find out what candidates are honestly in the race to bring about positive change for all of Bladen County and which candidates are in the race to fulfill their own agenda — or worse, have attempted to buy their way in to help fulfill someone else’s agenda.

Both boards need new, younger and visionary minds to lead the county forward. More of the same won’t get it done anymore.

I urge each and every voter to do their homework. Then vote their conscience.

Jacob Rigby