Give some thought to Trump’s immigration policy

Democrats are saying Donald Trump has flip-flopped on immigration policy. Republicans are saying he has reversed his policy. Is there a difference?

Tactful Trump campaign spokespersons are successfully straddling the fence in the minds of people who believe most illegals are drug-dealing, rapist murderers (with calves the size of cantaloupes) who walk across U.S. southern borders. Are they? Do they?

Do most illegals walk across the border, then walk around our nation looking for jobs? Or are they recruited and brought here by U.S. employers who pay them pennies-on-the-dollar “under the table” to displace hard-working American workers, who end up labeled lazy entitlement seekers who refuse to “take responsibility for their own lives?”

Will a 900-mile wall stop recruited illegals who fly over in planes, or come through check points deliberately undetected? Or will it simply generate unfathomable profits for the U.S. construction companies that build it using cheap, illegal labor? If you do not believe illegals are recruited and delivered, go to the Texas or Arizona southern borders, walk back to Tar Heel and apply for a job at the pork processing plant. See if the journey will flip-flop or reverse what you have been led to believe.

Think about it, please!

Robert C. Currie Jr.