Valid questions about ‘Trump’s wall’

Whether deliberately or inadvertently, a political cartoon on the editorial page of my local newspaper correctly identified the proposed wall between our nation and Mexico as “Donald Trump’s border wall.” Whether Trump wins the presidency or not, the wall will be built. Whether openly or secretly to avoid an inappropriate conflict of interest, Trump’s corporation or one of its subsidiaries will get the contract. The deal will be extremely lucrative because the wall to keep undocumented workers out will be built by undocumented workers paid pennies on the dollar.

Yes, without such a wall, people will attempt to cross the border on foot. But did the eleven million already here walk across undetected? Do the majority of undocumented workers walk from Mexico hoping to somehow find jobs at the end of their long journey, or are they recruited in Mexico, flown here on private corporate planes, and supplied fraudulent documentation that cannot be traced back to the corporation that recruited them?

Did Trump inform Mexico’s president that Mexico would pay for “his” wall, or conveniently forget to mention it, as he forgot to display an American flag opposite Mexico’s during his so carefully worded speech? Will Mexico pay for the wall, or we American taxpayers, while U.S. corporations fly their fraudulently documented illegal recruits to casinos, hotels and meat processing plants here in our nation? Will “Trump’s wall” keep illegal immigrants out, or create a windfall profit for Trump?

Think about it, please.

Robert C. Currie Jr.