Student-athletes should have better teachers

I was surprised to read “Our View” recently when you talked about high-school student-athletes from Union High kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem before a football game at West Bladen. Your take was exactly correct.

But instead of being angry at those players or coaches, we should feel sorry for those impressionable children who are getting absolutely no constructive teaching from adults who are being paid to do just that.

Civil disobedience does not extend to teenagers who have no idea how their decisions will affect them; copy-catting a professional athlete who is fortunate enough to be making millions of dollars yet thumbs his nose at the only country where that is possible makes no sense; and coaches — teachers, really — standing by without saying a word only makes it all worse.

It seems obvious these children are desperate to attract attention to themselves. Apparently making good grades, being productive citizens and performing admirably on the field either aren’t enough or simply aren’t happening.

But again, it is the fault of the adults for allowing such things to occur. A teacher in Fayetteville was recently suspended without pay for stepping on the American flag in class — the coaches for Union High should get at least that.

Sonja Graham

St. Pauls