PC is really our national religion

We have an established religion in America — it’s called Liberalism or Political Correctness. Most do not consider where it comes from, but it’s publicly enforced and publicly financed through so-called “higher education.”

When I say Political Correctness or Liberalism is a religion, I mean exactly that. In all actuality, it is communism.

A biblical faith is a belief in things without proof or evidence (Hebrews 11:1). Political Correctness are things we’re focused on to believe against common-sense or evidence. Education has become dangerous, and often fatal.

Americans believe so deeply in formal education that they often sacrifice their children’s youth to it, paying staggering amounts of money, and their children often return home as jobless certified socialist dummies.

The faith of Political Correctness teaches its followers that they are the only true humanitarians. Every system of belief that is enforced by the state becomes merciless in the name of Mercy. State religion routinely suppresses real freedom in the name of true freedom.

The murder of unborn children; “we the people” recently had our say on same-sex marriage; and now it’s the opposition to HB2. Our leaders are determined to undermine the will of the people.

How can anyone be so blind? Very easily … people can be hopelessly stupid only if they are taught to believe they are too smart to be judged by mere reality.

Carl A. Hinson Sr.