Fantasies of a Trump administration

Since President-elect Trump’s election on Nov. 8 there have been numerous articles, letters and opinions published outlining the fantasies of the writers about exactly what the policies of a Trump administration will be or look like.

At this point in time writers’ are publishing fantasies. They can conjure up many reasons to support their fantasies but until the Trump administration takes office they do not know exactly what these policies will be.

We had writers publishing articles, letters and opinions fantasizing about what a President-elect Obama administration’s policies would look like.

The difference has been in the fantasies for the most part. The fantasies about the Obama administration policies were all positive. When Trump got elected a switch must have been flipped because the fantasies about a Trump administration’s policies have mostly been negative.

What has happened with all the positive fantasies that were being talked about before President-elect Obama took office? Well many of them went in a different direction:

— The economy. Today we are in a slow growth economy with a long period of slow growth that has not been seen since President Truman’s era of 1945 through 1952 some 65 years ago.

— Our income. The median income has declined by 10 percent during President Obama’s administration. This decline has impacted the middle class more than any other group. The low income or poor have entitlement programs that have helped them but the middle class has been left to flounder.

— Employment. When you look at the unemployment rate you would believe that we are doing well. What is missing is the fact that the percentage of the population available to work is at a level we have not seen since President Carter’s era of 1976 through 1980. This lower percentage of the population participating in the labor force decreases the unemployment rate indicating that employment is much better that what the average Joe sees going on around him!

I stand today where I stood when President Obama was elected. I wanted success for President Obama. I want success for President-elect Trump.

It is time we stopped fantasizing about the possible bad outcomes of a President Trump administration. It is time we started praying and dreaming of reuniting the people through successful policies. It is time to “Make America Great Again” rather than having a divided nation.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount