Lil’Knights Basketball League

Saturday’s results




Cavaliers 30

Rockets 26


Cavaliers highlights: Hezekiah Blanks scored 12 points with nine rebounds, two assists and two steals; Aaron Lewis scored six points with three rebounds and two steals; Britt Sasser had four points, six rebounds and a steal; Hunter Hester scored four points with two rebounds and a steal; Bryant Ortiz Aguilar had two points and a rebound; Kaden Richardson had two points and a rebound.

Rockets highlights: Jordan Hester scored 10 points with four rebounds and three steals; Walter Baelon had eight points with two rebounds, four steals and an assist; Jaquan Lesane had eight points with tree steals and a rebound; Jonah Bryan had six rebounds and two assists; Jonathan Ortiz Hernandez had a steal.


Thunder 30

Lakers 21


Thunder highlights: Chase Williams scored 13 points and had six rebounds, two steals and an assist; Jackson Pait scored 13 pints and had three assists, three steals and two rebounds; Tylik McCall scored two points with three rebounds; Trey George scored two points with a rebound; Jack Combs had two steals and a rebound; Ty Allen had a rebound; Megan Pait had a rebound; Mekenna Thurman had a steal.

Lakers highlights: Cade Allen scored 12 points with four rebounds and three steals; Blaine Pope scored six points with three rebounds and a steal; Riley McIntyre had two points and a rebound; Omarion Brown had one point and three rebounds; Isaiah Mainor had three robounds and a steal; Jaylen Smith had a rebound and an assist.



Wake Forest 8

North Carolina 5


Wake Forest highlights: Jude Culbreath scored six points; Luke Bryant scored two points.

UNC highlights: Karlee Gause scored three points; Jeremiah Bryan scored two points.


N.C. State 3

Duke 2


N.C. State highlights: Carben Chdwick scored two points; Brooks Carroll scored one point.

Duke highlights: Brody Rhodes scored two points.