Lumberton hunter bags 400-pound wild boar

By: W. Curt Vincent -

LUMBERTON — Michael Blackburn had been looking forward to the first day of muzzle-loading season, so on Saturday morning he got out early with his 50-caliber black-powder gun and headed for Columbus County in the hopes of getting a shot or two at nice buck.

What he got instead wasn’t on his radar that morning.

“I was hunting out in Fair Bluff in an area I’ve hunted many times before,” Blackburn said. “And it wasn’t long before I saw him.”

What Blackburn saw was a 400-pound wild boar enjoying the remnants of a corn pile along with a smaller sow.

“I was really surprised,” Blackburn said. “I’d seen him before over the past two years, but usually I’d see him at night.

“I’d always hoped to get a shot at him, but he’s always been pretty sneaky,” he added. “On Saturday, I finally got that shot.”

Blackburn carefully took aim with his muzzle-loader and pulled the trigger. It was about 6:55 a.m.

“I hit him right behind his eye and he went down,” Blackburn said. “The sow moved off, but this huge boar suddenly raised his head as if he’d been just dazed.

“I wasn’t sure if I should reload for another shot or wait and see if he was (mortally wounded),” he added. “I had thought about getting a shot at the sow, but decided against it. It takes a while to reload.”

Blackburn said the boar finally succumbed and he set out on the task of getting the animal back to his truck.

After numerous photos were taken, the boar was transported to the Agri-Supply building on N.C. 211 in Lumberton. Blackburn said some of the meat — including 56 pounds of sausage — would be used during United Pentecostal Church’s annual “Beast Feast” in January, a wild game cookout put on for the local men.

“It’s a great opportunity for guys to come fellowship and enjoy different types of wild game,” said Blackburn, a member of the church.

As for his experience in the woods of Fair Bluff, Blackburn said he can hardly be disappointed about not getting a deer that day.

“I got myself a monster of a wild boar,” he said. “I’m pretty happy about that.”

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Was hunting deer on first dayof the muzzle-loading season

W. Curt Vincent