Father-son team bring down two bucks, coyote

By: W. Curt Vincent - cvincent@civitasmedia.com

BLADENBORO — A father and son team hunting together in the Crawley’s Swamp area of Bladenboro bagged a pair of bucks and a black coyote recently.

Rodney Guyton and his son Colby, who usually try to hunt at least once together during deer season, were out in the woods on Tuesday, Nov. 17, and had themselves a good day.

Rodney Guyton of Bladenboro came home with an eight-point buck and Colby Guyton, who lives in White Lake, brought down a seven-point buck.

As an extra bonus, Rodney Guyton also killed a black coyote in the same area.

“I think that was the first black coyote he’d ever seen,” said Rodney’s wife Susan. “I think they are pretty rare.”

Father and son are hoping to keep their lucky streak going by getting out hunting again soon.

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W. Curt Vincent