Bladen sheriff warns of possible scam

ELIZABETHTOWN — Bladen County Sheriff Jim McVicker is warning residents to be on the alert for a group working the Bladen and Columbus counties areas looking to scam homeowners or possibly doing surveillance to return later and break into homes.

“We have received phone calls from several concerned citizens in the last few days of two separate groups of people coming to homes and offering to do home repair, set up mobile homes and underpin them and also selling seafood,” said McVicker.

“We believe this group is the same group that has recently been involved in numerous breaking and entering’s in Columbus county. In those instances they approach home owners and offer various home repair services and then return a few days later to commit burglaries.”

The first group is a white male and black male in their late 20s who drive a White Dodge van displaying a South Carolina license plate of 598-6HE. The men hand out cards offering home repair. These cards show Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Conway, S.C., addresses and phone numbers but the numbers are no longer in service.

Another group of men also representing to be from South Carolina are offering to sell seafood. These two men are white males in their late 20’s and drive a small, black pickup truck. They have been operating in the Dublin area of the county most recently.

“If you have someone come to your door soliciting work or offering to sell seafood please contact 911 immediately so we can identify these individuals,” urged McVicker. “Sometimes people hesitate to call because they don’t want to bother us with things like this but this is why we are here and often times their calls help us locate, stop, and arrest individuals who intend to or have already committed larcenies.”