“Name adventure” lands group in Elizabethtown

By: By Chrysta Carroll - Bladen Journal

ELIZABETHTOWN — What’s in a name? Well, if you’re the Bergeron family from Louisiana, at least three towns.

On Wednesday, a female quintet arrived in Elizabethtown drawn to the town by one feature — its name. The group was comprised of three generations of females from the same family — grandmother Charlotte Bergeron; her daughter Shellee Harvey; Shellee’s daughter Charlotte Harvey; and two other granddaughters of Charlotte Bergeron, twins Anna Field and Elizabeth Field.

The Louisiana travelers arrived in Elizabethtown after departing Anna Marie Island, Fla. Notice a pattern?

“It was all Mom’s idea,” Shellee said. “She came up with the idea years ago to go on a ‘name adventure’ and visit places that shared names with people in the family.”

Originating out of Charlotte Bergeron’s hometown of St. Francisville, La., the trip began by heading east to Florida, then north to Elizabethtown, after which time the group will turn south and stop by — that’s right — Charlotte. They’ve been stopping along the way to take pictures of themselves alongside signs bearing their name.

“The best part of the trip is the car ride,” said Shellee. “Just being in the car and spending quality time together — that’s what the trip is really all about.”

“We’ve been having a blast,” agreed 13-year-old Charlotte.

For the family, the trip’s timing was as important as its destinations.

“(Sixteen-year-old twins) Anna and Elizabeth are getting ready to go off to college, and we’d been talking about doing this trip for years, but this was the last summer we had to actually make it happen,” Shelle explained.

The “name adventure” is living up to its own moniker, much to the delight of the travelers. When they stopped in Elizabethtown to stay for the night, they were told a don’t-miss item for any visitor to the area is a Melvin’s burger.

“Melvin is Charlotte’s father’s name. It’s just like everything about this trip falls into place,” Shellee remarked.

“We’re making the best memories with these girls,” grandmother Charlotte commented. All the ladies nodded their assent.

After touring Charlotte, the group will end its week-long name adventure in an evening in a cabin and a white-water rafting trip down the Nantahala River.

And maybe a stop at a Shell station to fill up.

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By Chrysta Carroll

Bladen Journal