Bladen County Youth Livestock Team wins at State 4-H Contest

By: Staff report

RALEIGH — The Bladen County 4-H Youth Livestock team competed at several state contests in Raleigh on July 21-22, bringing home numerous awards for both individuals and the teams.

Skillathon is a contest where kids take a written test about management of beef cattle, meat goats, sheep and hogs. They have to identify different breeds of animals, meat cuts, feed ingredients and tools associated with livestock farming. They also evaluate classes of wool, hay and meats and place the four samples from best to worst and give reasons why they placed them that way.

Quizbowl is a team contest where kids ring in and verbally answer livestock production questions.

For the judging contest, youth look at and evaluate a class of four animals for beef cattle, meat goats, sheep and hogs. They determine the order of best to worst and give reasons to the judge why they placed them the way they did. They also have to answer questions about the class an hour after they saw the class with no notes.

The contests are very hard and our kids prepare throughout the year by having practices and farm visits to learn about the management and production of these livestock species.

Our Junior Team members are Amelia Harris of Bladenboro, Henry Pate of Elizabethtown, Hunter Elks of White Lake, Luke Barber of Lisbon, Bizzell Pate of Elizabethtown and Gavin Elks of White Lake. Our Senior team members are Sean Nunnery of Bladenboro, Olivia Barnes of Elizabethtown and MacKenzie Morris of Bladenboro.

Junior individual awards:

· Amelia Harris – High Junior Individual Overall Award (she scored the highest of all the juniors for the entire contest); second written test; second evaluation; seventh quality assurance; second overall junior skilllathon; and fourth meat goat judging

· Henry Pate – Eighth quality assurance; 10th written test; sixth sheep judging; seventh hog judging; 10th beef cattle judging; and seventh overall junior judging

· Luke Barber – fourth quality assurance; ninth written test and eighth overall junior skillathon

Junior Team Awards (these are teams of four kids and the top three scores are counted): second quiz bowl, first written test; first quality assurance; fifth evaluation; second overall junior skillathon; first meat goat judging; third sheep judging; fourth cattle judging; and second overall junior judging

Senior Individual Awards: Olivia Barnes – 10th evaluation; eighth written test and seventh overall senior skillathon

Senior Team Awards: third quizbowl; fifth evaluation; fifth written test and fifth overall senior skillathon

If you have youth that are interested in learning more about youth livestock or 4-H in general, call Becky Spearman, Livestock Agent and Youth Livestock Team Coach, or Stacie Kinlaw, 4-H Youth Development Agent, at the Bladen County Cooperative Extension Center in Elizabethtown at 910-862-4591.

Staff report