17,000 push pins create award-winning art

By: By Madison McLamb - Bladen Journal Intern

ELIZABETHTOWN — East Bladen High School recently hosted an art show that included 170 pieces showcasing student artwork, but the highlight of the show easily could have been a piece by senior Paola Jasmin Garcia.

Garcia used 17,000 push-pins to create a self portrait, for which she won People’s Choice, (art teacher) Mr. Warren’s Choice, Teacher’s Choice, Principal’s Choice, first place overall and Best in Show.

“There were a lot of good pieces, but this was the only one made with push-pins,” said Garcia’s mother.

Paola said her inspiration came from her art teacher Mr. Warren.

“My art teacher brought up the idea and said it would mean a lot to him if I would do it, so I tried and when it all came together it was such a great feeling,” she said.

Garcia explained that she enjoyed making something originial and unusual and after every row, she loved stepping away from the picture just to see her progress.

“Every line made a difference to the work. The hardest part was being patient because one row took half an hour to complete,” said Garcia.

Having patience is something that Garcia had to have in order to finish the entire piece. She started it last November and finished it recently in order to have it prepared for the show.

After winning several awards at the show, Garcia said “I was so amazed that I was able to complete this portrait entirely out of pushpins, even though I did all the work I owe so much credit to my family and friends, especially my sister, for being there for me and encouraging me every step of the way.”

Garcia hopes to one day be able to teach art and share her passion and inspire others the way that her art teacher did with her.

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By Madison McLamb

Bladen Journal Intern