Bladen County well water can be tested

ELIZABETHTOWN — According to Bladen County Health & Human Services Director David Howard, Bladen County Environmental Health can collect water samples for safety testing from private water wells. This is done upon request from owner/resident.

This testing is needed only for water wells that encountered flooding over the top of the well head, thereby potentially compromising the safety of the well water. If flood waters did not reach above the top of the well head, testing is likely not needed, but we are able to collect samples if desired. The samples are sent to the NC State Public Health Lab for testing.

Important: Before requesting samples be collected from a well, FIRST perform proper well recovery steps, preferably by a qualified contractor who can properly service the well after such flooding. We can provide instructions for these recovery steps to property owners upon request, but we cannot advise on the specific recovery work to be done on specific wells or perform the recovery work.

Call Bladen Environmental Health with questions at 910-862-6852.