Rhoda will retain seat on Bladen County Board of Education

By: Chrysta Carroll - Bladen Journal

ELIZABETHTOWN — A Bladen County Board of Education District 1 win by incumbent Gary Rhoda means the three district seats will remain the same in the coming year.

“I had a lot of people ask me to run again,” Rhoda remarked. “We need people on the Board that don’t play games.”

With only the early voting results, Rhoda was carrying the election with 474 votes to challenger Sabrina Murchison’s 315, giving Rhoda 60 percent.

Rhoda retained his lead as the districts began reporting and ended up with 59.48 percent to Murchison’s 40.52 percent. Of the 1,429 votes cast in the Democratic race, 850 were for Rhoda and 579 were for Murchison.

The victor said he plans to continue the work to which he has been committed during his current tenure — reigning in what he called “wasteful spending.”

Rhoda’s victory guarantees the three district seats up for grabs this year will be retained by the incumbents. The District 1 race will not be challenged by any Republican, so Rhoda is guaranteed his spot. Additionally, District 2’s Roger Carroll will be running unopposed on the Democratic ticket, as will District 3 Democrat Alan West. Both candidates are incumbent board members.

In addition to the three district spots, another three seats are open for the taking in the Nov. 6 general election — the at-large seats — and four candidates will be vying for the spots. On the Democratic side, three candidates have advanced through the primaries. Democratic Clarkton resident Cory L. Singletary will take on fellow Democrat incumbents Vinston Rozier and Tim Benton. The trio will be challenged by Republican incumbent Dennis Edwards.

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Chrysta Carroll

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