Take a 2nd Look thrift store moves to larger location in ELizabethtown

By: Madison McLamb - Bladen Journal intern

ELIZABETHTOWN — People are constantly trying to think of ideas to bring to the table when it comes to doing something beneficial or helpful to the community. That is exactly what Jerry and Sherrill Elks decided to do about 18 months ago.

Jerry Elks, a general contractor in North Carolina and South Carolina, with the help of his wife, decided to take on the job of property preservation — which is exactly how the Take a 2nd Look thrift store was created.

Sherrill Elks explained that, at first, they would collect any left behind or unwanted items from the homes they were preserving with intentions of having a few yard sales so the items wouldn’t go to waste. However, an even better idea struck the Elks when they realized the potential of all the things they had to offer.

“We had two big storage units full of stuff, way too much for a yard sale, so I decided to put everything in a building and start a thrift-consignment store,” said Sherrill Elks.

Take a 2nd Look started out in Elizabethtown on West Broad Street in a 750-square-foot building with little room for all the items the Elks had to sell. Sherrill Elks said there wasn’t a lot of space for items, so she had to start setting up outside.

“It was hard to operate whenever there was bad weather because I had so many things outside that I would have to bring in, so it was just easier to close the store on those days,” explained Sherrill.

After having five large storage units full of items collected from homes or donated, the Elks finally decided it was time to make a move to a larger location.

Take a 2nd Look, now with 3,000 square feet of space to store items, moved to 1108 S. Poplar St. in Elizabethtown and officially opened on July 2.

“The idea was to help out the community with slightly used products at a really good price,” Sherrill said. “There is still so much life left in so many things that get thrown out when other people could be enjoying them.”

Recently, a young couple went to the store who where looking for items to furnish their new apartment and bought a couch, side table, dining room table, microwave, and DVD player — all for $120.

“You cannot find good usable things for that price, and it feels good to know that by coming here they are saving money and still getting quality things that they want or need,” said Sherrill.

One thing that Elks has found successful is her $5 grab bag deal. Costumers can come in and grab a grocery bag and, from a select amount of bins full of clothes, can fill the bag for only $5.

Sherrill said that, in the future, she hopes to expand business to different locations such as Bladenboro or Whiteville and also wants to continue doing special events such as holiday sales and Halloween events for kids in the community to come with their costumes and play games and get prizes, so that no kid gets to leave empty-handed.

Take a 2nd Look Thrift Store and Consignment Shop accepts donations, as well as sales and trades. The business is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

For information, send emails to sales@2ndlookthriftstore.com or go online to www.2ndlookthriftstore.com.

Madison McLamb can be reached by calling 910-862-4163.




Madison McLamb

Bladen Journal intern