Harmony Hall has busy Fourth

Contributed photo Local quilter Phyllis Lewis displayed 19 of her quilts during Harmony Hall Plantation Village’s annual Fourth of July weekend.

WHITE OAK — The Fourth of July weekend was a busy one for the volunteers of Harmony Hall Plantation Village.

According to Seth Lewis, president of the Bladen County Historical Society, the weekend included a bell-ringing fundraiser “Let Freedom Ring” by volunteer Maureen Bell to raise money necessary to reshingle the roof of the home.

“She is trying to raise $1,000 or more to go towards the roof repairs at Harmony Hall,” said Lewis.

Bell sat in a chair at the bell located beside the chapel and each time she received a donation, she would ring the bell, according to Lewis. It is anticipated that the roof repairs will cost about $7,000.

To date the effort has raised $636. Bell said just because the Fourth of July weekend has ended does not mean the fundraiser has ended. There is still plenty of time to make a donation.

“Any amount is appreciated,” said Bell.

She said donations have been received from $1 to $5 to $50. Those wishing to make a donation can do so by making checks payable to Harmony Hall Foundation and mailing them to Maureen Bell, 3759 N.C. Hwy. 53 West, Elizabethtown, N.C. 28337 or call her at 910-876-0987 or email her at maureentbell1122@gmail.com.

Also, the folks at Harmony Hall are also on Turtle Watch thanks to the nesting building efforts of a green slider box turtle in the vicinity of the Shaw-McMillian Kitchen, said Lewis.

“Three of our volunteers were setting up for the quilt show Sunday and one of them looked over his shoulder and saw the turtle laying her eggs,” said Lewis.

Volunteers have taken great care to monitor the nest since its discovery and make sure no mishaps befall the eggs.

“The volunteers are keeping a watchful eye on the nest to be sure it is not disturbed (by predators) until the hatching occurs,” said Lewis.

The volunteers are busy planning a Turtle Watching Party when the time for the hatching draws closer.

Harmony Hall Plantation Village has also started a new Artist of the Month program, said Lewis.

“We’re going to start having an art show of the month,” said Lewis.

This month’s artist was quilter Phyllis Lewis, who displayed 19 of her quilts to the delight of visitors.

“Visitors enjoyed seeing the quilts displayed on the banister railings of the upper and lower porches, on chairs, beds and hanging in hallways. She is an avid quilter after teaching public school for 32 yeas. She accepted the invitation to start Arts and Crafts at Harmony Hall as artisans display their work on a regular basis,” wrote Rebecca Martin in an email.

Lewis said the new program is a way to highlight various artistic formats and their history each month.

“We really enjoyed it,” said Lewis of the first artist of the month program.

Artisans interested in participating in the artist of the month program are encouraged to contact Lewis at 910-770-3132 for more information.

This Sunday, July 12, there will be a demonstration of wooden shingle making at Harmony Hall Plantation Village from 2 until 4 p.m.

Erin Smith can be reached at 910-862-4163.