Alcohol and water do not mix

As another attempt to make beer and fortified wine more accessible to residents and visitors to White Lake approaches, I would like to offer a word of wisdom and warning: Alcohol and water do not mix!” I would urge you to vote against the Beer and Wine Referendum on Tuesday, March 15.

As a resident of the White Lake and pastor of the LAKE Church, I love all that is good about this piece of paradise and hate all that threatens to harm it. I am certain that more beer and wine will only harm, not help our community.

Nothing good ever began or ended with the phrase, “They had been drinking… ” No child has ever been thankful for a drunk for a dad or a lush for a mom; no marriage has ever been improved by liquor; no business strengthened by booze; no home blessed by beer; nobody made more healthy by alcohol.

The Bible says that “wine makes a fool of you and leads to brawls” and that, “alcohol leads you to make poor decisions.” Common sense tells you that alcohol has done more damage to our society than any other “drug” known to man. If liquor was a new drug that just hit the market, our government would do everything possible to rid our streets of this terrible intoxicant, due to its devastating effects on all that consume it. However, the love and lure of money (the root of all evil) entices many to accept and even promote the sale and consumption of beer and wine.

Do not believe the lie that says White Lake’s economy will be strengthened by this referendum. The costs incurred by the increased alcohol consumption will far outweigh any revenue created by its sale. Elizabethtown and Bladen County have seen numerous businesses fail over the years after adding beer and wine to the menu. I submit that the only kind of bar that Bladen County would benefit from is a salad bar.

Allowing beer and liquor to be more readily available at The Lake will only guarantee more boating accidents, more drownings, more violent incidents, and more trouble for the citizens of White Lake.

I make no apologies for being a “Tee-Totaler.” I hate alcohol the same way I hate cancer because of what I have witnessed it do to so many I love. Alcohol leads to despair, devastation, divorce, the downfall of communities, and eventually death. So why would we dare want it to be more easily accessible? I, for one, do not. Again, I urge you to vote against beer and wine at the White Lake primary on Tuesday, March 15.

Cameron L. McGill


Dublin First Baptist Church

LAKE Church