Revolutionary War ancestors are all around

In reading the Tuesday, Sept. 13, issue of the Bladen Journal, I was very impressed to read of Mr. Leslie Johnson tracing his lineage to an American Revolution Patriot. Congratulations to Mr. Johnson on his verification for membership in Sons of the Revolution.

However, I was a little shocked at his comment, “Not many people can say they have ancestors that fought in the Revolutionary War. There may be others in Bladen County, but I don’t know about them.” The first part of that statement gave me pause to ponder; the second part gave me pause to inform.

Since the Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution was organized in 1928, well over 100 women can boast membership. There are more than 70 members at present. These ladies have proven an American Revolution Patriot ancestor through one of the most strenuous verification processes of any genealogical society. Many of these ladies have proven additional Patriots ancestors-know as supplementals.

Genealogy is the fastest growing hobby in the world.Interest in our Society is growing-mothers, daughters, granddaughters, nieces,friends, acquaintances. We welcome any female 18 years of age or older who can prove direct lineal descent from an American Revolution Patriot. Children from birth are encouraged to join the Children of the American Society. Brown Marsh Bridge Society welcomes any who are interested and fit the criteria.

As an additional note, there are those Daughters in the Battle of Elizabethtown Chapter, NSDAR who can prove a “Tatum Line” and one can prove a “Cheney Line.”

Please consider this as being a way to “get our message out;” to inform others we do, indeed exist as proud Daughters-descendants of an American Revolution Patriot.

Linda N. Rivenbark

State chair, Museum Outreach, NCSDAR

Registrar, Battle of Elizabethtown, NCSDAR

Past District director, District IX, NCSDAR