Chemours installs two carbon filters aimed at GenX

WILMINGTON, Del. – The Chemours Company announced this week it has successfully installed carbon adsorption bed technology at two key locations on its Fayetteville Works plant in Fayetteville, N.C.

The fully operating carbon adsorption beds are designed to remove air emissions of C3 dimer acid (also referred to as GenX). Installation of this state-of-the-art technology is immediately providing a significant reduction in C3 dimer acid air emissions.

“I am personally committed to ensuring our Fayetteville Works plant responds to the concerns of our neighbors,” said Brian Long, Fayetteville Works plant manager. “I am confident our scientists and engineers have developed short and long-term solutions which will reduce our environmental footprint and make this plant a leader in the chemical industry.”

In addition to the carbon adsorption beds, Chemours officials say they are also investing in emission control technology which will reduce the majority of C3 dimer acid emissions by the end of this year, including upgrades to a waste gas scrubber that will be completed in October.

This work is part of a commitment to spend over $100 million at the Fayetteville Works facility to make it a best-in-class facility with respect to air and wastewater emission control and a model for other chemical manufacturing facilities around the globe.

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