Harmony Hall starting membership drive

Harmony Hall has had a wonderful week. Last Sunday we had 57 persons who ate homemade ice cream and apple dumplings.

30 people received membership certificates to Harmony Hall plantation, inc.

The membership goal for this year is 500 members.

Send $10 membership fee to Tony Parnell, treasurer @ PO Box 422, Duplin , NC 28332.

You are cordially invited to visit Harmony Hall this weekend and enjoy iron pot cooking,

Matt Patterson operating the blacksmith shop, do self-guided tours,visit the general store,

and Harmony Hall House.

Harmony Hall Plantation Village, Inc. is now the deed holder for 102 acres on the Cape Fear River and you can walk the one mile trail to the river.

Bobby Lewis, Field Marshall, is requesting persons who have borrowed militia uniforms to return them if not being used.

Bring your party, call for an appointment, or book a wedding for the Chapel. Call Bobby Lewis @ 910 874-4011.