The risk of opening files

The second paragraph of an April 27 Associated Press article (“Trump boasted he’d open all JFK files, but now says he can’t”) began: “Trump announced on Thursday that the public must wait another three years or more before seeing material that must remain classified for national security reasons …”

National security reasons, or special interests’ protection reasons? Although Trump was obviously aware of governmental “deck stacking” on behalf of wealthy special interests, he was still an “outsider” when making campaign promises. Now he is privileged to proof of what common sense thinkers already realize concerning the elimination of President John F. Kennedy, who refused to give the military industrial complex free license to sacrifice young Americans on the altar of war profiteering in Vietnam.

How many Vietnam war profiteers, who never served in our military, at least in harm’s way, are still living today? How many descendants of non-serving profiteers are still enjoying profits from that unnecessary quagmire? How many corporations like Bell Helicopter International were saved from bankruptcy? How many small corporations grew into giant corporations due to the inexcusable waste of American life and treasure in Vietnam? Above all, how many individuals and corporations would face serious consequences if proof of what serious thinkers already realize was released?

Is Trump’s “flip-flop” on this issue really based on national security, or protecting the descendants of and still-living profiteering war mongers who did not serve, just mongered?

Sacrificed in Vietnam, my dear friend and classmate Eugene Chrisco and our schoolmate Kenneth Norton are buried 13 graves apart. How many children of profiteering war mongers died in Vietnam? Now that he is in position to know the whole truth, dare Donald Trump reveal what thinking Americans already realize?

What do you think?

Robert C. Currie Jr.