Why, of all things, a snowflake?

I was sitting at a corner restaurant the other day looking out at the rush of traffic as the people went about their way. Some of them were coming, some were going and some were just sitting still waiting for the green light.

Right then and there, I decided to try once more to get the leaders of our fair town to use some common sense and re-think their Christmas holiday displays.

Last year and in years past, we have wondered to ourselves — and out loud, at times — what the “snowflake” has to do with Christmas. Sure, the very thought of having a “white Christmas” is a dream that many of us have every year, but it is not a symbol of the Christmas holiday season.

If you are a Christian, you know what I am saying is true, so get real, people. Put your liberal minds at rest and remember the people who put you there. This year, try doing what is right for the people for a change. Let the majority rule and not a few disgruntled non-believers.

Let me remind you once again that, as I got out and drove around our area last year, I saw many traditional ornaments being displayed in surrounding towns instead of what the county seat chose to adopt. Why is that?

If you decided to remove the angels, the candles, the star and many other traditional symbols of Christmas from our town because someone was offended and complained, then let me go on record by telling you that the majority of us are more offended than the few.

In a democracy, the majority usually rules. Is that not true? I can guarantee that we far outnumber the non-believers who see to dictate what the majority has to accept in matters such as this.

Give us back our traditional holiday ornaments. As for me, I’d rather see nothing on the light poles this year than be insulted by a “snowflake.”

Jerry D. Jackson