Random thoughts from the Chicago top groove

If you didn’t like the ending to that race at Chicago last weekend, turn in your race fan card. That right there is what it is all about: two guys racing hard, getting into each other and not getting all butt hurt about it when the race was over.

Five percent of cats are allergic to humans.

Dale Jr. was darn good in the booth calling his first race for NBC Sports. I love his enthusiasm. There may be one too many people in the booth, but it will smooth out over time. Definitely enjoyed the broadcast more than the Fox broadcasts that had become stale by the end of their run.

If you like good music – and I do – you should not miss the latest album from Raleigh-based American Aquarium. It’s called Things Change and it is a great collection of songs that tell a fantastic story.

While I have been impressed with Clint Bowyer’s two wins this year, his fifth-place finish at Chicago was the most impressive thing he has done this year. After a laughable round of pit-road speeding penalties left him multiple laps down, he battled back for the top five. That’s how championships are won.

All the chickens’ eggs produced in the world each year would make an omelet the size of Northern Ireland.

Kurt Busch was mad at Kevin Harvick for the way teammate Harvick raced him at the end of the second stage. All I have to say is, come on, man. He went to get the point and it looked like Busch squeezed Harvick into the wall. It’s racin’, man.

More than twice as many people are killed by vending machines as by sharks.

There is an epic picture of Dale Earnhardt playing basketball in jorts from 1981 circulating the internet. Dale Jr. said the man never bought a pair of shorts in his life, he just cut off his Wranglers. Dale Earnhardt and my uncle Phil may be the only two men in the history of the world who could get away with that.

A woman who is bitten by a cat has a 50-percent chance of being diagnosed with depression.

Be sure to look for the Advance Auto Parts/Black’s Tire and Auto Service Ford this weekend at Daytona. The Ricky Benton Racing guys and driver Timothy Peters are heading down there to try to qualify for their third Cup race.

The Sami people of northern Finland use a measure called Poronkusema: the distance a reindeer can walk before needing to urinate.

The average person in the U.K. talks about the weather 44 times a month to 18 other people. I see more people complaining about the heat an hour on Facebook. They are the same people who will be complaining about the cold in January.

I’m beginning to wonder about ol’ seven-time. The last time Jimmie Johnson won, my youngest kid was about a month old. Now the kid is running around asking for balls and cars and books. At this rate, he is going to be driving before Johnson wins another race.

Golfers can get “golf ball liver” from licking their balls.

The business of racing is a quirky one. If you don’t believe me, have a look at the lawsuit filed by driver Brennan Poole against Chip Ganassi Racing. It really speaks to drivers bringing sponsor money with them to teams and how the sponsor/team relationship develops after that. Long story short: Poole brought a sponsor, DC Solar, to Ganassi. Poole is no longer there and is not racing now. DC Solar is still sponsoring Ganassi’s cars.

Every July 1 for the past eight years, my brother reminds me that the New York Mets are still paying Bobby Bonilla $1,193,248.20 as part of deferred compensation from a 1991 contract. The payments will continue until 2035. The original amount deferred: $5.9 million. Ladies and gentlemen, your New York Mets.

Casanova was a librarian.

While I was in London, I went to the Tower of London. In one of the towers is this humongous book that is full of all the empire’s weaponry from the 17th century. It is literally the Book of Armaments. I asked the guy if the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch was in it. He was not amused.

I also went to the Ace Café. I have a thing for café racer motorcycles; I own a Triumph Thruxton. Ace Café was the center of this really cool motorcycle culture in Britain in the 1950s and 1960s. It was definitely a bucket list item checked off.

Until the 1990s, Britain’s nuclear weapons were secured with bike locks.

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