Taylor Manufacturing gets good publicity in trade magazine

By: Brendaly Vega - Bladen Journal intern

ELIZABETHTOWN — A cool local company has received some hot publicity.

Taylor Manufacturing Inc. was recently featured in Refrigeration Magazine — and the story discussed the history of the Elizabethtown company along with its endeavors, with an emphasis on the Taylor family’s involvement in the ice business.

But it didn’t stop there. The story also touches on Lu Mil Vineyard and how it was started, D’Vine Foods and the Taylor Ice Vendor, now Taylor Cubelet Ice.

Ron Taylor, president of Taylor companies, is excited to have the opportunity to be featured in Refrigeration Magazine.

“It’s another opportunity to expand our ice business in Bladen County,” Taylor said.

He hopes to gain more attention in Bladen county and to reach more customers.

The feature story is also another way for Taylor to take his ice cubes into other counties. Taylor recently purchased another ice plant in Brunswick County and they also own ice plants in Sampson, New Hanover, Cumberland, Columbus, Pender, Duplin and Robeson counties.

Taylor takes pride in his family’s business and the fact that it has helped employ people in Bladen and other surrounding counties. He said the ice plants are a great way to give jobs to people, and a single company can employ 75 to 80 people who process, package and deliver the products.

“We’re aggressively looking for new customers and ways to expand,” Taylor added.

The Taylor companies does more than just ice, they do food as well.

“The ice business is a good fit with our food business,” Taylor said. “They utilize a lot of the same equipment. The ice business is very demanding in the summertime and the food business is demanding in the wintertime.”

Brendaly Vega is a summer intern for the Bladen Journal from The University of North Carolina at Pembroke. She can be reached by calling 910-862-4163.


Brendaly Vega

Bladen Journal intern