Bladen County CTE program meets or exceeds benchmarks

By: Chrysta Carroll - Bladen Journal

ELIZABETHTOWN — Bladen County Schools has the most successful career and technical program in the state, so the Board of Education heard Monday night.

At its regular monthly meeting, the Board heard from CTE Director Willa Dean Williams, as well as CTE representative Bridgette White.

“This is not anything Willa Dean has done, but it comes from what teachers have had the opportunity to achieve,” Williams began.

She showed the Board eight indicators for the CTE program, two of which deal indirectly with it. The first indicator uses data from English II students, the second utilizes Math I. In both areas, the CTE program fell below benchmarks.

In the remaining six, however, which reflect directly and solely on the CTE program, the latter shines, meeting or exceeding each state benchmark.

— Technical attainment comes from post assessment scores. In this area, the Bladen County Schools CTE program was number one two years in a row, earning more credentials than any other LEA in the state.The benchmark was 75.1 percent, and the program attained 81.2.

— In secondary school completion, which deals with graduation rate, the district scored 99.6, five points ahead of the benchmark of 94.0.

— In benchmark 4S1, which looks at concentrators graduation, the benchmark is 83.6, and the district scored a perfect 100 percent.

— Secondary placement, benchmark 5S1, is a reflection of student surveys looking at whether graduates are still continuing in their education. The benchmark is 86.8, and the district scored a 92.9.

— Benchmark 6S1 measures non-traditional participation, or to what degree females, for example, are enrolled in classes like masonry, firefighting, and carpentry. Bladen County’s CTE program met exactly the benchmark, 28.4.

— For the final benchmark, non-traditional completion, or what happened with the non-traditional participants — is evaluated. The benchmark is 19.6, and the CTE program attained 32.0.

“As director, I stand here to say congratulations to the staff,” Williams told the Board. “Our goal was to make sure we achieved technical attainment, and I am very proud as director of the staff and they work they are doing.”

The agenda item was for informational purposes only, so the Board took no action.

In other business, the Board:

— Approved an audit contract with Anderson Smith & Wyke.

— Tabled a bed bug policy.

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