‘Bug man’ drug thief faces additional charges

By: Chrysta Carroll - Bladen Journal

WHITEVILLE — A Clarkton exterminator arrested Friday for stealing painkillers from a Whiteville pharmacy is facing additional charges.

Antonio Donnell Mitchell, 27, of Tart Road, Clarkton, was arrested Tuesday at the Columbus County Courthouse and now faces 12 counts of trafficking in opiates and two counts of felony larceny. His bond was raised to $180,000 after law enforcement learned he had stolen upwards of 6,300 pills.

Last Friday, Mitchell was arrested at the Whiteville Bojangles for stealing 700 painkillers from Baldwin Woods Pharmacy while performing pest control at the site. While searching his Clarkton home, officers found oxycodone tablets in Baldwin Woods Pharmacy bottles, and additional pills were found on Mitchell’s person. Some of the narcotics were packaged for resale, according to the Columbus County Sheriff’s Office. Officials estimated the original stash to be worth $8,000, and surveillance footage leads officials to believe Mitchell has been stealing since May.

With Tuesday’s arrest and additional charges, a total of 6,312 pills were found to have been stolen, with a street value totalling between $63,000 and $126,000.

The investigation was launched when the pharmacy discovered discrepancies in its inventory and alerted law enforcement.


Chrysta Carroll

Bladen Journal