FEMA assistance information

We understand the devastation that has been felt by many families in Bladen County. At this time NC

Department of Health and Human Services has not activated a disaster Food and Nutrition Services Program, USDA requires states first use the regular Food and Nutrition Services Program in an effort to meet the needs of citizens impacted by the disaster.

There must be a Presidential Individual Assistance Declaration before a disaster program can be considered for recipients not currently receiving Food and Nutrition Services.

Anyone not currently receiving Food and Nutrition Services may apply at any time with their local county department of social services office or apply using the online application at https://epass.nc.gov/.

Anyone who is currently receiving Food and Nutrition Services and experienced a food loss, must contact their local county Department of Social Serviceswithin 10 calendar days from the date of the food loss and request a replacement of benefits.

Please watch or read your local news media for future updates on any changes to our current operational plan.