Probation search leads to firearms arrest

By: Staff report

BLADENBORO — A search by North Carolina Probation and Parole Officers has led to the arrest of a convicted felon for weapons charges, according to Bladen County Sheriff James A. McVicker.

“We received a request from North Carolina Probation and Parole officers to help them with the search of a residence of a man on house arrest and probation, at Holly Britt Court outside of Bladenboro,” said Sheriff McVicker.

McVicker said Bladen County deputies often assist Probation and Parole with searches of persons on probation. He said one of his detectives was asked to help on Thursday night and went with Probation Officers to 115 Holly Britt Court to do an unannounced search of a probationer, Keith Powell. While searching the residence, officers found a container with a white powder substance but they were unable to determine exactly what was in the powder and decided to seize it and have it tested.

“My deputy went to his vehicle to retrieve some evidence bags and while he was doing this he was approached by two individuals and one began hollering at him asking him who he was,” McVicker said. “My deputy, who was in plain clothes but wearing a vest with a Sheriff logo on the front turned and pointed his flashlight at his vest and told the individual he was with the Sheriff’s Office.”

McVicker said the man began to raise a rifle he was carrying by his side, a Norinco SKS, and the deputy drew his weapon and ordered him to drop the rifle. The man turned and ran behind the mobile home. One of the probation officers had come out of the house and saw the individual with the gun and he also drew his weapon. The two officers then chased the suspect behind the house and, when ordered to drop the weapon again, he did so and was arrested.

Charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon was Marcus Theodore Hill, 29, of Bladenboro. He is currently in Bladen County Jail under a $100,000 secured bond.

Powell was not charged with any crime pending the test results from the seized white powder.


Staff report