This could happen to any family

As I sat and read the Bladen Journal story “The Loss of a Son,” I cried. I knew this young man as a child and teenager.

Some years ago, I had a job at the Boy Scout camp in Bladen County. Brandon’s dad Doyle was over the camp taking care of things … The cooks gave them names. Doyle — the dad — was known as “Tater.” Doyle’s dad we called “Sweet Tater,” and Brandon was called “Tater Tot.” You could not have had a sweeter little boy. Anything he could do, he did — he was very polite and loved by all.

No matter what we teach our child, it only takes five minutes to undo it. Sometimes it is the adults that lead them on the wrong path. Every parent needs to know who their children are with.

My husband, the Rev. David Rutland, a minister, has worked with many, and some you win back; others need more help. In this day and time we live in, anything can change, and not for the good. We as parents are not perfect, but we have help through many ways.

Thank God for a sheriff and his staff working hard every day for make things better here in Bladen County. Working with other counties, we will get the job done. Let’s keep them in our prayers.

The Bible says, “Judge not, lest ye be judged” and “love your neighbors.”

Thank you (Bladen Journal), for your help telling all of us of this problem, and what and who we can call.

Brenda Lee Rutland

White Oak