Ad hoc minutes are not missing

In response to a concern expressed by one of your readers regarding minutes from an Ad Hoc committee meeting of Bladen County Schools proposed consolidation plan missing, the minutes are posted on the school district’s website.

They have not gone missing. The minutes were originally posted several weeks ago following the Sept. 1 meeting under the superintendent’s page, but as interest has grown in the proposed consolidation plan we thought it best to capture all the information related to the plan on one page. Please visit our district website at where you will find a quick link on the front page to the proposed consolidation.

While the minutes may have temporarily been unavailable for less than one hour during the move from one page to another, nothing about the minutes changed. Along with the Ad Hoc committee meeting minutes, you will also find a facility study conducted by the board, a copy of the proposal presented to the board by the superintendent and a copy of statutory requirements surrounding school consolidation. New information is added to the page as it becomes available.

The district continues to respond to all requests by the public seeking copies of the minutes by providing copies of or directing them to the location of the minutes on the website. We will continue to assist the public when they seek help in finding information and maintain transparency throughout the process.

Valerie Newton

Public relations and information officer

Bladen County Schools