In response to Springsteen concert cancellation

I’ll explain it for you Bruce, since you seem to be a bit confused yourself. Which is understandable as you sleep on train tracks with feight trains running right through the middle of your bed.

It is something most people learn as children.

If you have a penis, you use a gentlemen’s, or men’s toilets.

If you have a vagina, you use the ladies, or women’s toilets.

If you are a little bit confused upstairs about, or on the matter, it is not the fault of the people who are not confused about, or in relation to sexual organs.

But that said, if this law was repealed, you would then run the risk of any and every sick depraved pervert pretending to be transgender and dressing up like a woman just to go into the women’s toilets to view/voyeur women and children and possibly vice a versa.

It is not about sexuality or sexual equality, Bruce … it’s about equipment.

But moreover, why is it that all of this so called “Anti Gay” rhetoric is always, but always, perceived as offencive to the Gay Community and never the other way around. Is it that inconceivable to you in your selfish ignorance that what the Gay Community are doing in many areas of social life is in fact offencive to heterosexual people with well adjusted lifestyles ??!!

Equality is equality Bruce and tolerance goes both ways and considering the nature of the Gay Community, going both ways is surely something you can all understand.

I think you are all taking this a bit to far now Bruce.

You, in your demanding, petulant egotistical ignorance Bruce can not see that there are other far more important issues to be addressed ??!!

Let’s keep things in perspective, eh, Bruce. But hey, jester, you are back in the global spotlight and the global mainstream of the news, eh !

Thank you for your time.

Alan Sloan