Endometrial ablation performed at Bladen County Hospital

Heavy menstrual periods? Pain during your cycle? These are symptoms many women have during their lifetime. It can cause loss of work and income. It may limit your activities during the menstrual cycle. At times it can be heavy enough to lead to blood transfusions.

In the past, this was treated with a surgical procedure known as hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). Hysterectomy is a major surgery, requiring an extended convalescence, and a risk of injury to the bladder or bowels. Nowadays, we have a simpler, safer procedure known as endometrial ablation.

Endometrial ablation involves eliminating the endometrium, which is the part of the uterus that sheds every month. It is a simple outpatient procedure, that usually allows a woman to return to full duties within a few days. Sixty percent of patients will have no more periods, and most of the rest will have significantly lighter periods, with minimal discomfort.

The procedure has a 90-percent patient satisfaction rating.

At Bladen County Hospital, we perform a procedure known as novasure ablation. We have elected for this type of procedure as it has the highest rate of no menstrual periods, following the procedure. This involves the patient being put under light anesthesia. The cervix (opening of the womb) is then dilated, and an instrument inserted, allowing burning of the uterine lining.

There are no incisions, and the patient is discharged within a couple of hours. There are minimal complications. For a few days there may be mild cramping, and a slight discharge. Ibuprofen usually will control any pain experienced by the patient.

The procedure cannot be done on a woman who desires future pregnancy because, if successful, the woman will not be able to get pregnant. Uterine fibroids may also make the procedure ineffective. An ultrasound will need to be done before the procedure is scheduled. This procedure is covered by Medicaid and most insurances.

For those women who desire to keep their fertility, birth control pills, depo-provera injections or a Mirena IUD can be used.

Dr. Allan Boruszak and Dr. Shakonda Strayhorn have performed many endometrial ablations. Dr. Boruszak did the first endometrial ablation in the State of Nevada 25 years ago. If you believe you care a candidate for this procedure, or would like more information, please schedule an appointment at Bladen Women’s Care by calling 910-862-6672. You can also find information online at www.novasure.com.